The entropies of renewal systems

Student thesis: Thesis


Renewal systems are symbolic dynamical systems originally introduced by Adler. IfW is a finite set of words over a finite alphabetA, then the renewal system generated byW is the subshiftX W ⊂A Z formed by bi-infinite concatenations of words fromW. Motivated by Adler's question of whether every irreducible shift of finite type is conjugate to a renewal system, we prove that for every shift of finite type there is a renewal system having the same entropy. We also show that every shift of finite type can be approximated from above by renewal systems, and that by placing finite-type constraints on possible concatenations, we obtain all sofic systems.
Date of Award1991
Original languageAmerican English
Awarding Institution
  • Tel Aviv University
SupervisorMeir Smorodinsky (Supervisor)

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