What makes Jewish schools pluralistic? A case study in Jewish day schools in Brussels, Paris and Geneva

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the aim of this Research is to analyze the Question : What makes JEWISH Schools pluralistic ? Following Scolnikov ) 2000 , p . 32 ( , i Use the term Pluralism to refer to diverse competing legitimate Worldviews . Worldviews include organized Systems of Faith and opinions about the World and Its Components . this May include competing Conceptions of the Good ) clusters of Values , Attitudes and opinions that Carry Different Priorities ( , and Different Ways of Behaving . my claim is that a Change in the Nature of the Educational Discourse Constructs Schools either As monistic and Traditional in Nature , Or As pluralistic . i Don't mean to claim Here that there is only ONE Type of Traditional Or pluralistic construct . on the contrary , there Are diverse modes of pluralistic Schools that Are the Outcome of diverse Discourses , however to explore this Further is beyond the Scope of this article . my claim Here is that the Educational Discourse that describes and analyzes the Structure , CONTENTS and Processes Going on Within the School arena , Together with the Inter-relationships Between them , determines the Level of Pluralism Within the School and Its Basic Attitude Or Stance Toward the Concept of Pluralism .
Original languageAmerican English
Title of host publicationשבילים בחינוך יהודי פלורליסטי
Subtitle of host publicationדרכי נעמ(ה)
Editorsנורית חמו, יובל דרור
Place of Publicationתל-אביב
Publisherאוניברסיטת תל-אביב ומכון מופ"ת
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StatePublished - 2012


  • Jewish education
  • Belgium Jews
  • France Jews
  • Swiss Jews


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