Ultradian rhythms of AKT phosphorylation and gene expression emerge in the absence of the circadian clock components Per1 and Per2

Rona Aviram, Vaishnavi Dandavate, Gal Manella, Marina Golik, Gad Asher

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Rhythmicity of biological processes can be elicited either in response to environmental cycles or driven by endogenous oscillators. In mammals, the circadian clock drives about 24-hour rhythms of multitude metabolic and physiological processes in anticipation to environmental daily oscillations. Also at the intersection of environment and metabolism is the protein kinase—AKT. It conveys extracellular signals, primarily feeding-related signals, to regulate various key cellular functions. Previous studies in mice identified rhythmicity in AKT activation (pAKT) with elevated levels in the fed state. However, it is still unknown whether rhythmic AKT activation can be driven through intrinsic mechanisms. Here, we inspected temporal changes in pAKT levels both in cultured cells and animal models. In cultured cells, pAKT levels showed circadian oscillations similar to those observed in livers of wild-type mice under free-running conditions. Unexpectedly, in livers of Per1,2/ but not of Bmal1/− mice we detected ultradian (about 16 hours) oscillations of pAKT levels. Importantly, the liver transcriptome of Per1,2/ mice also showed ultradian rhythms, corresponding to pAKT rhythmicity and consisting of AKT-related genes and regulators. Overall, our findings reveal ultradian rhythms in liver gene expression and AKT phosphorylation that emerge in the absence of environmental rhythms and Per1,2/ genes.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere3001492
JournalPLoS Biology
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 2021
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