The process of change in education

Baruch Offir

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    In spite of the importance of the education system, it is not developing according to the needs of society. In contradistinction there are fields, such as agriculture and medicine, in which considerable development is taking place. Many fields have undergone a revolution with the development of computers and electronics: e.g., medicine, economics, engineering, and agriculture. One of the fields that was left behind and did not undergo rapid development is the field of education. The field of education is in a state of stagnation, compared to the development in other fields, in spite of its importance and crucial contribution to the development of the modern state. Academic research is managing to influence and make a significant contribution in the fields of agriculture and engineering, generating products that can be implemented in medicine, whereas in the field of education it has had less success. Why is the association between academic research and development of the field evident in engineering and agriculture, whereas in the field of education it is less effective? It seems that policy makers in education, as well as society and its leaders, do not perceive the education system as a unique discipline, but rather judge it in terms that are appropriate for the world of economics. Methods of analysis and decision making that exist in the world of economics are implemented in the field of education. They believe that the worldview and the approach that exists in economics are also appropriate for education and that the concepts of “cost” and “benefit” can serve as the sole instruments for analyzing, discussing, and reaching conclusions in the field of education. Hence, it is easy for us to refer to the number of students in the classroom, the proportion of students who pass an exam, teachers’ wages. It is obvious that these data are important. However, should they encompass all of our hopes? In the United States, an educational program called “No child left behind” was launched, at an enormous unprecedented investment of resources. This program was based on the approach whereby everything is measurable. The achievements of teachers, students, and principals are quantified and measured.

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