The Phoenician history of Philo of Byblos: A commentary

Albert I. Baumgarten

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My acquaintance with Philo of Byblos goes back many years. What was first proposed as an M.A. topic became a doctoral thesis, and now this book. Over these years, I have been helped by family, teachers, friends and institutions whose assistance it is a pleasure to acknowledge. First comes my family who have encouraged me to pursue an academic career. A life of teaching and research makes special demands. My wife and children have always been helpful and supportive, for which I am grateful. The members of tile doctoral supervisory committee at Columbia University contributed significantly to my education and to the original thesis. lowe a special debt of gratitude to my former supervisor, Professor Morton Smith. Many of his oral suggestions have been incorporated in the text and notes of my commentary.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages322
ISBN (Electronic)9789004295681
ISBN (Print)9789004063693
StatePublished - 24 Aug 2015

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