The Open Anchoring Quest Dataset: Anchored Estimates from 96 Studies on Anchoring Effects

Lukas Röseler, Lucia Weber, Katharina Helgerth, Elena Stich, Miriam Günther, Paulina Tegethoff, Felix Wagner, M. Antunovic, F. Barrera-Lemarchand, E. Halali, K. Ioannidis, O. Genschow, N. Milstein, D. C. Molden, F. Papenmeier, Z. Pavlovic, R. Rinn, M. L. Schreiter, M. F. Zimdahl, BahníkC. Bermeitinger, F. B.N. Blower, H. L. Bögler, P. Burgmer, N. N. Cheek, L. Dorsch, S. Fels, M. L. Frech, L. Freira, A. J.L. Harris, J. A. Häusser, M. V. Hedgebeth, M. Henkel, D. Horvath, P. Intelmann, A. Klamar, E. Knappe, L. M. Köppel, S. M. Krueger, S. Lagator, F. Lopez-Boo, J. Navajas, J. K. Norem, J. Novak, Y. Onuki, E. Page, T. R. Rebholz, M. Sartorio, S. Schindler, D. R. Shanks, M. C. Siems, P. Stäglich, M. Starkulla, M. Stitz, T. Straube, K. Thies, E. Thum, K. Ueda, M. Undorf, D. Urlichich, M. A. Vadillo, H. Wolf, A. Zhou, A. Schütz

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People’s estimates are biased toward previously considered numbers (anchoring). We have aggregated all available data from anchoring studies that included at least two anchors into one large dataset. Data were standardized to comprise one estimate per row, coded according to a wide range of variables, and are available for download and analyses online ( Because the dataset includes both original and meta-data it allows for fine-grained analyses (e.g., correlations of estimates for different tasks) but also for meta-analyses (e.g., effect sizes for anchoring effects).

Original languageEnglish
Article number16
JournalJournal of Open Psychology Data
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2022

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  • Anchor
  • anchoring-andadjustment
  • assimilation
  • estimates
  • judgment and decision making


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