The Ontological Exclusivity of the I

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The pivotal insight that paved Hedwig Conrad-Martius’ (1880–1966) (HCM) way in elucidating the ontological exclusivity of the I, often referred to as “I-being” (Ichhaftes Sein), is that despite its peculiarity and incomparability to any other mode of being, only by coming to terms with “ontological foundations” can “a true ‘comprehension’ (Begreifung) of the I be enabled” (HCM, 1931, 6). The phenomenological interpretation suggested in this chapter presents HCM’s ontological understanding of the I vis-a-vis her philosophy of Being, in particular in regard to three of its general characteristics—existence, intelligibility, and “selfness” (Selbsthaftigkeit/Sichheit/Selberkeit)—which provide the critical approach to the ontological study of the I. Finally, the ontological exclusivity of the “I-being” is illuminated by means of explication of the joining together of its typical affinities and discrepancies in regard to Being in general.

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