The Multidimensional Driving Style Inventory

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The conceptualization of driving style as the way the driver chooses to drive or habitually drives is part of the effort to better understand risky driving and prevent traffic offenses and crashes. Driving style, as differentiated from driving skill, is a psychological characteristic influenced by the individual's values and needs in general, and attitudes and beliefs regarding driving in particular. Recent years have witnessed a more comprehensive view of driving style, and led to the development of the Multidimensional Driving Style Inventory (MDSI; Taubman – Ben-Ari et al., 2004). The MDSI relates to both positive and negative traits of the driver, and considers habitual driving style as a driving-specific behavior that can explain the extent of involvement in car crashes and traffic violations, both directly and in combination with more general sociodemographic and personality characteristics. Since its publication, the MDSI has been used in studies around the world, in addition to Israel, where the instrument was originally developed. The current study reviews accumulated knowledge on driving styles gained with the help of this instrument, including the theoretical definition and conceptualization, associations with sociodemographic and driving-related variables, and the role of personality, familial, and social factors.

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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2021

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  • Angry and hostile driving style
  • Anxious driving style
  • Drivers
  • Driving
  • Family
  • MDSI
  • Multidimensional driving style inventory
  • Patient and careful driving style
  • Personality
  • Reckless and careless driving style
  • Social
  • Young drivers


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