The litvish world

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“Litvish” is the name given to Jews identified with the religious tradition of Rabbi Elijah of Vilnius, and his disciples, who founded Yeshivas characterised by an ideology of religious conservatism. The Litvish community holds religious study as a central cultural value. Aside from identification with the group, communal identity is also channelled to exposing the younger generation, from an early age to the community’s values and educating him within as homogeneous an environment as possible, as a means to continuity and strengthening of the community. Thus, the Litvish identity—along with the distinction between those “like us” and “others”—becomes a central component of the individual’s consciousness, influencing his choices and preferences. Of these, the most significant is the sense of mission—preservation of Jewish survival—that community members feel by their religious status. This feeling bestows tremendous importance on educating the younger generation following the community’s values and enhances the community’s resilience. Common interests and communal identity create internal Litvish mechanisms that educate the younger generation and affect appropriate socialisation. Nevertheless, as we will see in the next chapters, life in modern urbanites, where most of Britain’s Haredi population is concentrated, presents socio-economic and religious challenges.

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  • Da’at torah
  • Litvish
  • Rabbi elijah of vilnius
  • Religious elite
  • Socialization process
  • Yeshiva


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