The history of clinical neuropsychology in Israel

Eli Vakil, Dan Hoofien

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The history of clinical neuropsychology in Israel has been affected by both the worldwide development of the field of neuropsychology, which began in the 1970s and provided the conceptual and theoretical frameworks of clinical neuropsychology, and by the social implication of the unique geopolitical situation of the state of Israel. These circumstances led to a great need for neuropsychological rehabilitation services initially for veterans and later for civilians. While European and American influences are evident in the scientific knowledge of neuropsychology and neuropsychological assessment, Israel has been pioneering, creative, and original in neuropsychological rehabilitation. Israel's contributions are reflected in the research conducted on various aspects of rehabilitation that has exploited an advantage that exists in Israel-the long-term follow-up of individuals after traumatic brain injury (TBI). This research has, in turn, encouraged the formation of graduate programs and training facilities for clinical neuropsychology at most of the universities in Israel.

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StatePublished - 2 Jun 2016

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  • Clinical neuropsychology
  • Israel
  • Rehabilitation
  • TBI
  • Traumatic brain injury


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