The Effects of Preoperative Pain Education on Pain Severity in Cardiac Surgery Patients: A Pilot Randomized Control Trial

Amanda Sinderovsky, Liza Grosman-Rimon, Muhamd Atrash, Aida Nakhoul, Hanadi Saadi, Jordan Rimon, Edo Y. Birati, Shemy Carasso, Erez Kachel

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Background: There is minimal research on the effect of individualized preoperative education on postoperative pain and postoperative pain medication intake. Aim: The study objective was to assess the effect of individually tailored preoperative education on postoperative pain severity, number of pain breakthroughs, and use of pain medication in participants receiving the intervention compared to controls. Methods: A pilot study with 200 participants was conducted. The experimental group received an informational booklet and discussed their ideas surrounding pain and pain medication with the researcher. Controls received no intervention. Postoperative pain severity was measured by a Numerical Rating System (NRS), which was divided into mild (NRS 1-3), moderate (NRS 4-6), and severe (NRS 7-10). Results: In the participant cohort, 68.8% of participants were male, and the average age was 60.48±10.7. Average postoperative 48-hour cumulative pain scores were lower in those who received the intervention compared to controls; 50.0 (IQR 35.8-60.0) vs. 65 (IQR 51.0-73.0; p < .01) participants who received the intervention had less frequent pain breakthroughs when compared to controls (3.0 [IQR 2.0-5.0] vs. 6.0 [IQR 4.0-8.0; p < .01]). There was no significant difference in the amount of pain medication taken by either group. Conclusions: Participants who receive individualized preoperative pain education are more likely to have decreased postoperative pain.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)e18-e25
JournalPain Management Nursing
Issue number4
Early online date18 Mar 2023
StatePublished - Aug 2023

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  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Pain Education
  • Pain Severity
  • Randomized Controlled Trial


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