The effect of rational based beliefs and awareness on employee compliance with information security procedures: A case study of a financial corporation in Israel

Golan Carmi, Dan Bouhnik

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Aim/Purpose This paper examines the behavior of financial firm employees with regard to information security procedures instituted within their organization. Furthermore, the effect of information security awareness and its importance within a firm is explored. Background The study focuses on employees' attitude toward compliance with information security policies (ISP), combined with various norms and personal abilities. Methodology A self-reported questionnaire was distributed among 202 employees of a large financial Corporation Contribution As far as we know, this is the first paper to thoroughly explore employees' awareness of information system procedures, among financial organizations in Israel, and also the first to develop operative recommendations for these organizations aimed at increasing ISP compliance behavior. The main contribution of this study is that it investigates compliance with information security practices among employees of a defined financial corporation operating under rigid regulatory governance, confidentiality and privacy of data, and stringent requirements for compliance with information security procedures. Findings Our results indicate that employees' attitudes, normative beliefs and personal capabilities to comply with firm's ISP, have positive effects on the firm's ISP compliance. Also, employees' general awareness of IS, as well as awareness to ISP within the firm, positively affect employees' ISP compliance. Recommendations for Practitioners This study can help information security managers identify the motivating factors for employee behavior to maintain information security procedures, properly channel information security resources, and manage appropriate information security behavior. Recommendations for Researchers Researchers can see that corporate rewards and sanctions have significant effects on employee security behavior, but other motivational factors also reinforce the ISP's compliance behavior. Distinguishing between types of corporations and organizations is essential to understanding employee compliance with information security procedures. Impact on Society This study offers another level of understanding of employee behavior with regard to information security in organizations and comprises a significant contribution to the growing knowledge in this area. The research results form an important basis for IS policymakers, culture designers, managers, and those directly responsible for IS in the organization. Future Research Future work should sample employees from another type of corporation from other fields and should apply qualitative analysis to explore other aspects of behavioral patterns related to the subject matter.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)109-125
Number of pages17
JournalInterdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management
StatePublished - 2020
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  • Employee compliance financial corporation
  • Information security awareness
  • Information security behavior
  • Information security management
  • Information security policy


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