The danger of Israel according to Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi

Shaul Bartal

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Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, widely considered the most influential Islamic scholar alive today, is the author of over 120 books and a spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is a member of many international Muslim organizations and the sharia advisor for a number of Islamic banks. Qaradawi is considered a part of the political centre (wasatiyya), positioned between those relying on ancient sunna and Qur’an (salafiyya) sources and the more moderate new stream. His sermons are broadcast live on television to millions of Muslims throughout the world. He also appears on a popular weekly television show dealing with current affairs regarding the sharia on the Al Jazeera network. His beliefs about the Palestinian‒Israeli conflict exert great influence over the Muslim public across the globe. This article represents his views and explains why the war against Israel is so important to the Islamic world.

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JournalIsrael Affairs
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2 Apr 2016
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  • Arab‒Israeli conflict
  • Israel
  • Muslim Brotherhood
  • Palestinian‒Israeli conflict
  • Yusuf Qaradawi


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