The Bogomolov multiplier of finite simple groups

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The subgroup of the Schur multiplier of a finite group G consisting of all cohomology classes whose restriction to any abelian subgroup of G is zero is called the Bogomolov multiplier of G. We prove that if G is quasisimple or almost simple, its Bogomolov multiplier is trivial except for the case of certain covers of PSL(3, 4).

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Acknowledgment. The author’s research was supported in part by the Minerva Foundation through the Emmy Noether Research Institute of Mathematics, the Israel Academy of Sciences grant 1178/06, and a grant from the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport (Israel) and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (the Russian Federation). This paper was mainly written during the visit to the MPIM (Bonn) in August–September 2007 and completed during the visit to ENS (Paris) in April–May 2008. The support of these institutions is highly appreciated.

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  • Bogomolov multiplier
  • Brauer group
  • Rationality


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