The Arab military force in palestine prior to the invasion of the Arab armies, 1945-1948

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The article examines the size, structure, composition and modi operandi of the Arab military forces which fought the Jews in the 1948 war, before the invasion of the Arab regular armies, based first and foremost on the Arab sources themselves. An attempt is made to assess the substantial reasons behind the Arab defeat in the first ‘civil war’ phase of the campaign, including a comparison of the number of combatants, which also explains the outcome.
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JournalMiddle Eastern Studies
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StatePublished - 2 Nov 2015

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The Army of Sacred Jihad military forces were divided into three types: officially enlisted troops (al-mujannadun al-ramiyyun or al-nizamiyyun), the semi-regular mobile striking forces, intended for attacking Jewish settlements and transportation and composed of armed and constantly mobilized warriors, whose expenses − arms, equipment, food, clothing and monthly salaries43 − were financed by the Arab Higher Committee; garrisoned enlisted troops (al-mujannadun al-murabitun or haras mahali) − warriors defending their own towns and villages, partly financed by the Arab Higher Committee and given arms and equipment according to need and ability; and volunteer fighters (al-mujannadun al-mutatawi‘un), without central command or support from the Arab Higher Committee, who assisted in defending their hometowns and could provide their own arms and equipment.44


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