Solution-Phase Tuning of Emission of Divalent Europium

Sara A. Worku, Swaraj Sangram Sahoo, Matthew J. Allen, Sandeepan Maity

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The key to developing smart light-emitting systems lies in the ability to tune luminescence with only modest changes in the chemical environment. Divalent europium-based luminophores are unique materials that access emissions ranging from the blue to red regions of the visible spectrum. Early studies demonstrate the tunability of the emission of EuII in solid-state host lattices, and recent research has shown that altering counter anions, solvents, and ligands also enables tuning of the emission of EuII. These findings are supported by numerous publications, and mechanistic studies shed light on the underlying theories behind the tunable emissions of EuII. The purpose of this article is to present the most recent hypotheses and understanding regarding the effect of counter anions, solvents, and ligands on luminescence properties of EuII based systems.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere202301424
Issue number25
StatePublished - 7 Jul 2023
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  • Coordination Complex
  • Lanthanides
  • Ligand
  • Luminescence
  • Solvation


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