Saturated cores FCL - A new approach

V. Rozenshtein, A. Friedman, Y. Wolfus, F. Kopansky, E. Perel, Y. Yeshurun, Z. Bar-Haim, Z. Ron, E. Harel, N. Pundak

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The saturated cores FCL exhibits several attractive technological advantages: Inherent fail-safe and selectivity design, superconductivity is maintained during both nominal and fault states, the limiting process as well as the recovery after fault are passive and immediate, operation in limiting state is not time-limited, and the superconducting bias coil is made of wires available as commercial shelf-product. Despite these advantages, saturated cores FCL did not make it to commercial phase because of the large volume and heavy weight associated with its realization, a coupling problem between the AC and bias coils while in limiting state, and non-optimal limitation resulting from the presence of the bias field during fault. This work presents a novel, improved saturated cores FCL concept that overcomes the above difficulties and reopens the possibility for commercialization. Unique design topography reduces the cores volume and at the same time reduces the AC and DC magnetic coupling to about 2%. In addition, a control circuit, triggered by voltage drop across the FCL terminals, is added and disconnects the bias coil during a fault for increased limiting performances. All above-mentioned advantages of the saturated cores concept are maintained in this new design. First, a 4.2 kVA laboratory scale FCL has been designed built and studied proving the feasibility of the new design. Then, an up-scaled, 120 kVA model has been designed, built and tested at the testing laboratory of the Israel Electric Company. The prospective short current in the test bed was 5000 A, successfully limited to 2400 A. The 120 kVA model is a single phase FCL designed for 400 V, 300 A nominal conditions. Core losses and AC coils losses are 0.09% and 0.18%, respectively.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1756-1759
Number of pages4
JournalIEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jun 2007

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Funding Information:
Manuscript received August 29, 2006. This work was supported in part by the Israel Ministry of Industry and Commerce under Grant 35627. V. Rozenshtein, Z. Bar-Haim, Z. Ron, E. Harel, and N. Pundak are with Ricor-Cryogenic & Vacuum systems, En-Harod 18960, Israel. A. Friedman, Y. Wolfus, F. Kopansky, E. Perel, and Y. Yeshurun are with the Department of Physics, Institute of Superconductivity, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan 52900, Israel (e-mail: Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/TASC.2007.898153


  • Fault current limiters
  • High-temperature superconductors
  • Magnetic cores


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