RKKY interaction in gapped or doped graphene

E. Kogan

Research output: Working paper / PreprintPreprint


In our previous work (E. Kogan, Phys. Rev. B {\bf 84}, 115119 (2011)) we calculated RKKY interaction between two magnetic impurities in pristine graphene using the Green's functions (GF) in the coordinate -- imaginary time representation. Now we show that the calculations of the GF in this representation can be simplified by using the Feynman's trick, which allows to easily calculate RKKY interaction in gapped graphene. We also present calculations of the RKKY interaction in gapped or doped graphene using the coordinate -- imaginary frequency representation. Both representations, corresponding to calculation of the bubble diagram in Euclidean space, have an important advantage over those corresponding to calculation in Minkowskii space, which are very briefly reviewed in the Appendix to the present work. The former, in distinction to the latter, operate only with the convergent integrals from the start to the end of the calculation.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
StatePublished - 25 Nov 2012


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