Results of treatment of multiple trauma in 130 children

R. Kaufmann, Y. Sweed

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Trauma remains the leading cause of death in the pediatric age group, despite recent advances in prevention and treatment. We retrospectively analyzed 130 cases of multiple trauma among 725 pediatric patients with injuries treated here during 1988-1989. Road accidents and falls from heights were the most common causes of injury. Mean age was 7 years (range 0.5-15) and the male to female ratio 2.7:1.0. Overall mortality was 9.2%. 57 patients (44%) did not get any prehospital medical care and 5 of them with injury severity scores (ISS) greater than 25 died. In contrast 11/18 (61%) of patients with ISS greater than 25 who were treated by medical teams survived. On arrival at the emergency room, 15% were hypothermic ( < 34 degrees C), and 6 were in hypovolemic shock--5 of whom died. Most common injuries were head trauma (91), limb injuries (69), abdominal trauma (34) and thoracic trauma (34). In 39 injury was severe, with pediatric trauma score (PTS) 6 or less, 12 of whom died. All deaths except 1 were associated with severe head injury and with ISS more than 25. There was no mortality in those with PTS more than 7 or ISS less than 25. Thus, the prehospital care of pediatric patients with head injury is associated with high mortality. Absence of mortality in patients with PTS of more than 7 emphasizes the importance of designated trauma centers for these patients.

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Issue number3
StatePublished - 1 Feb 1996
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