Researchers' Trends, Intentions, and Awareness, Towards Publications in Open Access

Noa Aharony, Shlomit Hadad

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This study examined Israeli researchers' trends, intentions and awareness regarding scientific publications in open access (OA) journals and repositories. A survey was distributed to 202 Israeli researchers. According to the findings, most researchers used a combination of closed (traditional/toll access) journals with OA gold/green routes. Researchers showed low awareness of OA key concepts, which was significantly associated with the tendency not to publish in OA. In addition, researchers who reported that there was a formal policy concerning publishing articles in high-impact journals in their department tended to publish less in OA. The most common reasons that caused researchers not to publish in OA routes were lack of funding and lack of awareness. Conclusions present a need for an OA's declared policy as well as financial and informational support.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)619-621
Number of pages3
JournalProceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2022

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85 Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science & Technology | Oct. 29 – Nov. 1, 2022 | Pittsburgh, PA. Author(s) retain copyright, but ASIS&T receives an exclusive publication license.


  • Open-Access (OA) publication
  • blended publishing models
  • gold OA
  • green OA


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