Proper names in Modern Hebrew construct phrases

Susan Rothstein

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This paper explores the distribution of proper names in construct phrases in Modern Hebrew, and uses the construct phrase as a diagnostic for distinguishing both different types of proper names and different uses of proper names. It is shown that in Modern Hebrew (i) personal proper names and definite descriptions have different grammatical properties; (ii) within the category of personal proper names, different usages can be distinguished; (iii) proper names of places (toponyms) and personal proper names have very different grammatical properties.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)419-451
Number of pages33
JournalFolia Linguistica
Issue number2
StatePublished - 6 Sep 2017

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Acknowledgments: I would like to thank my informants, in particular Eatai Cohen Milo, Michal Drori, Lior Laks, and Alex Rothstein Landman, for their willingness to provide judgments. Thanks also to Alex for proof-reading and editing. Thanks to Ora Matushanky and an anonymous reviewer for comments on an earlier version of the paper, to Dr. Hubert Cuyckens for very helpful comment on this version and to the audience at the PropMorph conference in November 2015, where the work was originally presented. This research was partially supported by Israel Science Foundation grant 1345/13.

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  • NP semantics
  • construct state phrases
  • definite descriptions
  • personal proper names
  • predicate NPs
  • toponyms


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