Problems of equivalence, categoricity of axioms and states description in D at abases

Tatjana L. Plotkin, Doris I. Plotkin, Sarit Kraus

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The paper is devoted to applications of algebraic logic to databases. In databases a query is represented by a formula of first order logic. The same query can be associated with different formulas. Thus, a query is a class of equivalent formulae: equivalence here being similar to that in the transition to the Lindenbaum-Tarski algebra. An algebra of queries is identified with the corresponding algebra of logic. An algebra of replies lo the queries is also associated with algebraic logic. These relations lie at the core of the applications. In this paper it is shown how the theory of Halmos (polyadic) algebras (a notion introduced by Halmos as a tool in the algebraization of the first order predicate calculus) is used to create the algebraic model of a relational data base. The model allows us, in particular, to solve the problem of databases equivalence as well as develop a formal algebraic definition of a databases state description. In this paper we use the term "state description" for the logical description of the model. This description is based on the notion of filters in Halmos algebras. When speaking of a state description, we mean the description of a function which realizes the symbols of relations as real relations in the given system of data.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)347-366
Number of pages20
JournalStudia Logica
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1998


  • Algebraic logic
  • Description of states of data bases
  • Equivalence of data bases


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