Problem music and its different shades over its fans

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During the last two decades, researchers have investigated the association between genres of "problem music" (PM) and conservatism, delinquency and major psychological traits. The current study adds an exploration of PM fans attitudes toward the body and tattooing, as well as on mood regulation through PM, two aspects that have not been studied. In addition we examined delinquency and several psychological attributes. In Study 1, 446 undergraduates completed scales for body investment, delinquency, conservatism, and self-esteem. In Study 2, 548 undergraduates completed scales for music in mood regulation and the Big Five personality inventory. Data concerning the presence of tattooing and some socio-demographic details were collected in both studies. In Study 1, in comparison with controls, PM fans reported lower body protection scores, less conservatism, and more delinquent behaviours. In Study 2, they reported more use of music as a way to regulate mood. In both studies, fans reported more tattooing. No significant differences emerged in self-esteem and personality measures. While being in accordance with some of the previous findings, our results show that, in spite of the association between PM and negative attitudes toward ones body and delinquency, PM may assist fans to regulate their mood and alleviate tension.

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JournalPsychology of Music
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StatePublished - 14 Sep 2015

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  • body protection
  • delinquency
  • mood regulation
  • problem music
  • tattooing


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