Positive Victimology

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The concept of Applied Victimology is an innovation in victimology, which naturally follows and well represents the idea of Positive Victimology. Victimology by large is either a theoretical topic, usually as part of a wider topic, mostly criminology, or it is an applied practice, where the practitioners who actually work within the domain of victimology belong to different professions, e.g., criminologists, psychologists, lawyers and alike. While those different professions provide these practices, they have to acquire the unique knowledge of victimology by experience and field work. Coming of age, victimology is developed to become a substantive field of knowledge that is both interdisciplinary in nature and also stands as a whole that is greater than its different parts. Based on this, the creation of Applied Victimology is but a natural development of victimology that will help to bring victimology into the front of human professions, by applying the knowledge of victimology. Positive Victimology can naturally serves as the theoretical perspective of Applied Victimology. Positive Victimology is a g concept that incorporates models, approaches, and theories in victimology that existed previously but until recently had not been connected by a comprehensive concept. Positive Victimology covers different models and theories about the reaction to victimization that share common features: increasing the experience of integration at any stage after victimization by a positively experienced social or personal reaction that have healing potential for direct and indirect victims. Different known models of practice are based on the perspective that represents positive victimology and they all constitute the practice of Applied Victimology. With its strong theoretical basis and with the new applied direction, victimology can become a greater whole that can better improve the services for those who suffered harm and abuse of power.
Original languageAmerican English
Number of pages1
StatePublished - 2015
Event15th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology - Porto, Portugal
Duration: 1 Sep 20152 Sep 2015


Conference15th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology


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