Places of rabbinic settlement in Judea, 70-400 C.E. center and periphery

Ben Zion Rosenfeld

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This study offers a kind of onomastikon regarding the names of sites in Judea where the Rabbis were active during the mishnaic and talmudic periods. The information is based on rabbinic sources and has been arranged chronologically, with a short summary of the developments affecting both the settlements themselves and the Rabbis. This is followed by a discussion of the range of activities of the Rabbis in the cities and villages, their nature and characteristics. The information derived from rabbinic sources is then compared with that available in various non-rabbinic written sources. Additional use is made of the available archaeological data, notwithstanding its sparseness and the methodological and interpretive difficulties involved. A similar, preliminary regional study on the Galilee was published in volume 69 (1998) of this Annual, in which the basic principles behind the studies were articulated. The current study should be viewed as a continuation of the previous one, and relies on the same principles. The distinction between the different regions requires comparison of Judea and the Galilee and proves that there were many radical differences between them, especially due to historical factors. The systematic accumulation of data provided in this study opens the way for further studies of rabbinic communities in late antiquity.

Original languageEnglish
JournalHebrew Union College Annual
StatePublished - 2006


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