Physics design of 14 MeV neutron generator facility at the Institute for Plasma Research

H. L. Swami, S. Vala, M. Rajput, M. Abhangi, Ratnesh Kumar, A. Saxena, Rajesh Kumar

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A high energy and high yield neutron source is a prime requirement for technological studies related to fusion reactor development. It provides a high-energy neutron environment for small-scale fusion reactor components research and testing such as tritium breeding, shielding, plasma-facing materials, reaction cross-section data study for fusion materials, etc. Along with ITER participation, the Institute of Plasma Research, India is developing an accelerator-based 14 MeV neutron source with a yield of 1012 n s−1. The design of the source is based on the deuterium-tritium fusion reaction. The deuterium beam is accelerated and delivered to the tritium target to generate 14 MeV neutrons. The deuterium beam energy and tritium availability in the tritium target are the base parameters of the accelerator-based neutron source design. The paper gives the physics design of the neutron generator facility of the Institute for Plasma Research. It covers the requirements, design basis, and physics parameters of the neutron generator. As per the analytical results generator can produce more than 1 × 1012 n s−1 with a 110 keV D+ ion beam of 10 mA and a minimum 5 Ci tritium target. However, the detailed simulation with the more realistic conditions of deuteron ion interaction with the tritium titanium target shows that the desired results cannot be achieved with 110 keV. The safe limit of the ion energy should be 300 keV as per the simulation. At 300 keV ion energy and 20 mA current, it reaches 1.6 × 1012 n s−1. Moreover, it was found that to ensure sufficiently long operation time a tritium target of more than 20 Ci should be used. The scope of the neutron source is not limited to the fusion reactor research studies, it is extended to other areas such as medical radioisotopes research, semiconductor devices irradiations, and many more.

Original languageEnglish
Article number125602
JournalPlasma Science and Technology
Issue number12
StatePublished - 1 Dec 2023
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  • accelerator
  • neutron generator
  • neutronics
  • nuclear fusion
  • physics design


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