Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for the treatment of cancer

U. Nir (Inventor), Sally Shpungin (Inventor), Etai Yaffe (Inventor), Moshe Cohen (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Provided is a pharmaceutical composition including as an active component a compound of formula (I): Figure US08481572-20130709-C00001 wherein X and (R1)n are as defined, and a physiological acceptable carrier. Also provided is a method for treating cancer including administering to an individual in need of such treatment an effective amount of the presently described pharmaceutical composition.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS8481572B2
StatePublished - 2013

Bibliographical note

EPO- patent No. 08808006.4, Israel-patent No. 203713, USA-patent No. 12/672,157, France-patent No. 08808006.4, Germany-Patent No. 08808006.4, Netherlands-Patent No. 08808006.4, Switzerland-Patent No. 08808006.4, United Kingdom-Patent No. 08808006.4


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