Patterns of occurrence of four states of consciousness as a function of trait absorption

Joseph Glicksohn

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Four states of consciousness are considered here: the hypnagogic state (the transitional state between waking and sleeping); the hypno- pompic state (the transitional state between sleeping and waking); lucid dreaming (insight to the fact that one is currently dreaming); and the out-of-the-body experience (perceiving the world from a location outside the physical body). There are different patterns of occurrence of experience with these states of consciousness, and the present data set deriving from a cross-sectional study (a convenience sample comprising 251 participants who had completed a battery of questionnaires, as reported in Glicksohn & Barrett, 2003), enables one to plot these configurations. There are two contrasting positions on the relationship that trait Absorption will bear on the pattern of occurrence of these different profiles of subjective experience, or configuration of profiles of states. One is that higher Absorption will entail more dif- ferentiation among these states of consciousness; the other is that higher Absorption will entail less differentiation among these states. Both positions find support in the present data set: higher Absorption entails more differentiation as one moves from those respondents scoring slightly lower than the median to those scoring slightly higher than the median on Absorption, whereas very high Absorption entails less differentiation relative to very low Absorption.

Original languageEnglish
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JournalJournal for Person-Oriented Research
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StatePublished - 2019

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  • Absorption
  • Differentiation
  • Hypnagogic
  • Hypnopompic
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Obe


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