Paediatric vs adult retinal detachment

S. Rumelt, L. Sarrazin, E. Averbukh, M. Halpert, I. Hemo

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Objective: To evaluate the causes, incidences, characteristics, and treatment outcomes of paediatric vsadult retinal detachment. Patients and methods: One hundred and sixty (136 patients) out of 2408 consecutive retinal detachments (6.6%) at our facility occurred in children under the age of 18 years. Of them, 144 eyes (90%) of 127 (93%) children were treated and compared with a sample of 56 consecutive retinal detachments in 50 adults (over the age of 18 years). The parameters for comparison included cause, type of retinal detachment, its extent, macular involvement, number of tears, number and types of surgery, and the anatomic and functional surgical outcome. Results: Statistically significant differences were found in the type of retinal detachment. Rhegmatogenous RD was less common (P=0.004), and exudative RD was more common (P=0.021) in the paediatric group. Ocular trauma and ocular syndromes were more common in the paediatric group (P<0.001), while myopia, posterior vitreous detachment, and retinal detachment following cataract surgery were less common in this group compared with adults (P<0.001, <0.001, and 0.001, respectively). Ocular pathologies associated with retinal detachment were more common in the paediatric group (P<0.001). Initial and last visual acuity of >20/400, last visual acuity of >20/40, and retinal complete reattachment were higher in adults (P<0.001). Conclusions: The type of retinal detachment, causes and outcomes were statistically different between paediatric and adult cases. The less successful functional and anatomical outcomes of retinal detachment surgery in children may reflect the different aetiologies and indicate the need for aetiology-specific treatment strategies according to each aetiology.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1473-1478
Number of pages6
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 2007
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