On pseudo-disk hypergraphs

Boris Aronov, Anirudh Donakonda, Esther Ezra, Rom Pinchasi

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Let F be a family of pseudo-disks in the plane, and P be a finite subset of F. Consider the hyper-graph H(P,F) whose vertices are the pseudo-disks in P and the edges are all subsets of P of the form {D∈P|D∩S≠∅}, where S is a pseudo-disk in F. We give an upper bound of O(nk3) for the number of edges in H(P,F) of cardinality at most k. This generalizes a result of Buzaglo et al. [4]. As an application of our bound, we obtain an algorithm that computes a constant-factor approximation to the minimum-weight dominating set in a collection of pseudo-disks in the plane, in expected polynomial time.

Original languageEnglish
Article number101687
JournalComputational Geometry: Theory and Applications
StatePublished - Jan 2021

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Work on this paper by Boris Aronov has been supported by NSA MSP Grant H98230-10-1-0210, by NSF Grants CCF-08-30691, CCF-11-17336, CCF-12-18791, and CCF-15-40656, and by U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation grant 2014/170.Work on this paper by Anirudh Donakonda has been partially supported by NSF Grant CCF-11-17336.Work on this paper by Esther Ezra has been supported by ISF Grant 824/17, NSF under grants CAREER CCF-15-53354, CCF-11-17336, and CCF-12-16689.Work on this paper by Rom Pinchasi has been supported by ISF grant No. 409/16.

FundersFunder number
NSA MSPH98230-10-1-0210
U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation2014/170
National Science FoundationCCF-08-30691, CCF-11-17336, CCF-12-18791, CCF-15-40656
Iowa Science FoundationCCF-12-16689, 824/17, CCF-15-53354, 409/16


    • Approximation algorithms
    • Hypergraphs of finite VC dimension
    • Minimum-weight dominating set
    • Planar graphs
    • Pseudo-disks


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