On Polynomially Integrable Domains in Euclidean Spaces

Mark Agranovsky

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    Let D be a bounded domain in ℝn, with smooth boundary. Denote VD(ω,t),ω∈Sn−1,t∈ℝ, the Radon transform of the characteristic function χD of the domain D, i.e., the (n − 1)-dimensional volume of the intersection D with the hyperplane { x∈ ℝn: < ω, x> = t}. If the domain D is an ellipsoid, then the function VD is algebraic and if, in addition, the dimension n is odd, then V (ω, t) is a polynomial with respect to t. Whether odd-dimensional ellipsoids are the only bounded smooth domains with such a property? The article is devoted to partial verification and discussion of this question.

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    • Cross-section
    • Ellipsoid
    • Fourier transform
    • Polynomial
    • Radon transform


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