New algebras of functions on topological groups arising from G-spaces

E. Glasner, M. Megrelishvili

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For a topological group G we introduce the algebra SUC(G) of strongly uniformly continuous functions. We show that SUC(G) contains the algebra WAP(G) of weakly almost periodic functions as well as the algebras LE(G) and Asp(G) of locally equicontinuous and Asplund functions respectively. For the Polish groups of order preserving homeomorphisms of the unit interval and of isometries of the Urysohn space of diameter 1, we show that SUC(G) is trivial. We introduce the notion of fixed point on a class P of flows (P-fpp) and study in particular groups with the SUC-fpp. We study the Roelcke algebra (= UC(G) = right and left uniformly continuous functions) and SUC compactifications of the groups 5(ℕ), of permutations of a countable set, and H(C), of homeomorphisms of the Cantor set. For the first group we show that WAP(G) = SUC(G) = UC(G) and also provide a concrete description of the corresponding metrizable (in fact Cantor) semitopological semigroup compactification. For the second group, in contrast, we show that SUC(G) is properly contained in UC(G). We then deduce that for this group UC(G) does not yield a right topological semigroup compactification.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-51
Number of pages51
JournalFundamenta Mathematicae
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2008


  • Asplund function
  • Fixed point property
  • G-compactification
  • G-space
  • Locally equicontinuous
  • Matrix coefficient
  • Right topological semigroup compactification
  • Strongly uniformly continuous


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