Menecrates of Elaea

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There are only three fragments expressly associated with Menecrates of Elaea. All three derive from Strabo’s Geography. Yet, an additional four excerpts attributed to a certain unidentified Menecrates may possibly be added to the writings of the man from Elaea. This suggestion is supported primarily by the content of the fragments but may be further substantiated through considerations of availability and circulation of texts.

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1 This study is part of a project supported by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF), grant no. 1572/16. It was presented in the panel “Lost in Transmission: the Filter of Intermediary Sources in Greek and Latin Frag-mentary Geography and Historiography”, at the Celtic Conference in Classics, June 2019, Coimbra. 2 Dueck 2012; 2017; Wietzke 2017.

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