Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) and Cognitive Modifiability: Theoretical Aspects and Research Applications.

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Feuerstein's concept of Mediated Learning Experience is defined as a unique mode of interaction between the mediator (e.g., parent, teacher or peer) and the learner. It starts from a very early age in the spontaneous interactions between parents and their children, or grandparents with grandchildren and continues later with peers and in more structured interactions with teachers. In the current paper the focus is developmental aspects of MLE processes carried out informally within the family system and in peers interactions and their effects on children's cognitive modifiability. The objectives of this paper are: (a) to present the theory of MLE as a proximal factor of cognitive modifiability (b) and to demonstrate empirical validation for the role of MLE strategies in enhancing children's cognitive modifiability. The first section provides some definitions of the main concepts and a brief description of the MLE theory. The second and main section discusses selected research findings demonstrating the impact of MLE strategies in facilitating cognitive modifiability. In the third section some conclusions will be discussed, followed by suggestions for future research. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)15-49
Number of pages35
JournalTransylvanian Journal of Psychology
StatePublished - 2 Sep 2014

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Accession Number: 100190089; TZURIEL, DAVID 1; Email Address:; Affiliation: 1: Professor of psychology at Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel; Source Info: 2014 Special Issue, p15; Subject Term: MEDIATED learning experience; Subject Term: BEHAVIOR modification; Subject Term: COGNITIVE development; Subject Term: PEER mediation; Subject Term: COGNITION in children; Subject Term: PARENT-child relationships; Author-Supplied Keyword: cognitive development; Author-Supplied Keyword: Feuerstein; Author-Supplied Keyword: Mediated learning experience theory; Author-Supplied Keyword: peer mediation; Author-Supplied Keyword: review; Author-Supplied Keyword: Structural Cognitive Modifiability theory; Number of Pages: 35p; Document Type: Article


  • MEDIATED learning experience
  • BEHAVIOR modification
  • COGNITIVE development
  • PEER mediation
  • COGNITION in children
  • PARENT-child relationships
  • cognitive development
  • Feuerstein
  • Mediated learning experience theory
  • peer mediation
  • review
  • Structural Cognitive Modifiability theory


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