Mediated learning and cognitive modifiability

David author Tzuriel

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This book portrays an extensive and intensive discussion of theories and research that refer to Vygotskys and Feuersteins theories of mediated learning and their effects on learning potential and cognitive modifiability. Most topics are discussed in relation to a broad spectrum of developmental and cognitive research that are under the conceptual umbrella of mediated learning and cognitive modifiability. Some topics such as neural plasticity, executive functions, mental rotation, and cognitive education are related to mediated learning, though indirectly, and therefore are included in this book. In many ways the book presents an extension of Vygotsky and Feuersteins theories and empirical validation in a variety of family, social and cultural contexts. The book includes a thorough analysis and summary of 50 years of research and methodology of the intimate relation between mediated learning interactions and cognitive modifiability and of dynamic assessment underlying measurement of cognitive modifiability. Special emphasis is given to Tzuriels dynamic assessment instruments developed during more than four decades. Tzuriels novel instruments are interwoven in the extensive research on parent-child interactions, siblings, teachers' and peers' mediation and in validation of dynamic assessment approach and cognitive education programs aimed at development of thinking skills and academic achievements
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages557
ISBN (Electronic)9783030756925
ISBN (Print)3030756920, 9783030756918
StatePublished - 2021

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NameSocial interaction in learning and development


  • Mediated learning experience


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