Measurement of the jewish population in the UK

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The Haredi are reluctant to disclose information that enables authorities and researchers to estimate the size of the population, as we are not allowed to count the people or mention names. These factors, together with limited fluency in English among the Hasidim, suggest that underenumeration of the Haredi population is inevitable. During the years, two data sources—synagogue membership records and the “North London Shomrei Shabbos [lit. Sabbath Observers] Directory”—had been the most critical data that exist about Jews in the UK. Other invaluable sources of data are the annual Jewish Year Book lists the number, and location, of all Jewish institutions throughout the country as well as containing a mass of information concerning the community as a whole; the weekly Jewish Chronicle is another invaluable source of community information dating back some 150 years in addition to The Yeshiva world, Jewish telegraphic agency JTA and the Jewish small communities network; and the notices of Shalom Zachar celebrations, which take place in Ashkenazic Jewish circles following the birth of a male child. Each data source has its methods according to its initiation. The debate over changes to the 2001 census has led to the inclusion of a question on religion in the England and Wales 2011 census. As a person’s religion is considered personal information, answering this question is voluntary due to the Human Rights Act 1998. This study, however, is mostly built on first-hand data. Over twelve years of research, since the beginning of my doctoral dissertation, I have been intensely involved in the Haredi community in Israel and London. Being deeply familiar with the lifestyle and ritual orientation of each group, and my strong ties with the members of the various communities have opened many doors to this unique world.

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  • 2011 census
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  • North london shomrei shabbos directory
  • Shalom zachar
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