Magnetic order and superconductivity observed in bundles of double-wall carbon nanotubes

J. Barzola-Quiquia, P. Esquinazi, M. Lindel, D. Spemann, M. Muallem, G. D. Nessim

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Abstract The magnetotransport properties were studied in hundreds of micrometer length double-wall carbon nanotubes (DWCNT) bundles. Above 15 K the resistance shows an ohmic behavior and its temperature dependence is well described using the variable-range hopping for one-dimensional system. The magnetoresistance is negative and can be explained using an empirical model based on spin-scattering processes indicating the existence of magnetic order up to room temperature. At temperatures between 2 and 15 K the resistance is non-ohmic and the current-voltage characteristics reveal the appearance of a potential, which can be well described by a fluctuation-induced tunneling conduction model. In this low temperature range and at low enough input current, a positive magnetoresistance appears - in addition to the negative one - with an extraordinary hysteresis in field and vanishes at T ∼ 15 K, suggesting the existence of a superconducting state. Magnetization results partially support the existence of both phenomena in the DWCNT bundles.

Original languageEnglish
Article number9730
Pages (from-to)16-25
Number of pages10
StatePublished - 1 Jul 2015

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