[Leber's idiopathic stellate neuroretinitis].

Eitan Zvi Rath, Keren Chet Shoer, Shimon Rumelt

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AIM: To report a rare case of swollen optic disc with hard exudates at the center of the retina (macula) with an unknown etiology (idiopathic). CASE REPORT: A 49 years old male complained of blurred vision in his left eye. He reported that ten years earlier a similar episode occurred in the right eye. Upon resolution of the macular edema we recognized hard exudates with a macular star pattern. After six months his central vision returned to normal with mild to moderate defects in his lower visual field. IN SUMMARY: The literature describes various etiologies that have been reported due to the rare presentation of the macular star In our case we did not find any clear etiology, therefore, the diagnosis of Leber's idiopathic stellate neuroretinitis can be presumed.

Original languageHebrew
Pages (from-to)79-83, 124, 123
JournalUnknown Journal
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 2013


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