Learning deterministic weighted automata with queries and counterexamples

Gail Weiss, Yoav Goldberg, Eran Yahav

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We present an algorithm for extraction of a probabilistic deterministic finite automaton (PDFA) from a given black-box language model, such as a recurrent neural network (RNN). The algorithm is a variant of the exact-learning algorithm L*, adapted to a probabilistic setting with noise. The key insight is the use of conditional probabilities for observations, and the introduction of a local tolerance when comparing them. When applied to RNNs, our algorithm often achieves better word error rate (WER) and normalised distributed cumulative gain (NDCG) than that achieved by spectral extraction of weighted finite automata (WFA) from the same networks. PDFAs are substantially more expressive than n-grams, and are guaranteed to be stochastic and deterministic - unlike spectrally extracted WFAs.

Original languageEnglish
JournalAdvances in Neural Information Processing Systems
StatePublished - 2019
Event33rd Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, NeurIPS 2019 - Vancouver, Canada
Duration: 8 Dec 201914 Dec 2019

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