Ion beam-induced modifications in ZnO nanostructures and potential applications

Vishnu Chauhan, Paramjit Singh, Rajesh Kumar

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Zinc oxide (ZnO) has been considered a multifunctional material due to its unique potential physical, chemical, electrical, and magnetic properties. Various methods have been reported to present the change in properties of ZnO nanostructures. Here, we present the ion beam-induced modification in different properties of ZnO samples. The energy loss and projected range of the ions decide the formation of type of defects and modifications in ZnO samples. The fundamental energy transfer mechanism of swift heavy ions (SHI) and postirradiation effects such as generation of point defects and disorder induced in ZnO nanostructures have been discussed in this chapter. The structural, surface morphological, optical, chemical, electrical, and magnetic properties of the ZnO samples were modified with implantation/irradiation using different ion beam with the energy keV to MeV range and have been addressed here. The results are presented for SHI irradiation where the electronic excitation induced defects in ZnO nanostructures. Versatile ZnO nanostructures exist in the form of 1D (nanorods, nanowires, etc.), 2D (nanoplates, nanosheets, nanopellets, etc.), and 3D (snowflakes, coniferous urchin-like, flower, etc.) materials. Hence, properties of all three forms of ZnO can be modified using ion beam irradiation. The modifications induced in properties of ZnO samples enhance their use in optical, electrical, and other industrial applications. This chapter provides the useful information regarding modification in the ZnO nanostructure for various potential applications that have been addressed in the last section of the chapter.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNanostructured Zinc Oxide
Subtitle of host publicationSynthesis, Properties and Applications
Number of pages39
ISBN (Electronic)9780128189009
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2021
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  • Defects
  • Implantation
  • SRIM-TRIM simulation
  • Swift heavy ions beam irradiation
  • ZnO nanostructures


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