Holocaust Education From A Global Point Of View: An International Perspective

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Over the past two decades, awareness of the Holocaust has become a
new form of collective cultural remembrance, which researchers refer to as
global commemoration. While the events tend to fade with time, remem
brance of the Holocaust is intensifying, and constantly obtains multifaceted
expressions in literature, art, and in education systems across the world.
The resolution taken in 1998 to establish an international task force for
Holocaust education (known as The Task Force for International Coopera
tion on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research) to teach about
the Holocaust, and UN Resolution A/RES/60/7 designating January 27 ‘as
an annual International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims
of the Holocaust’, have powerfully contributed to boosting awareness of the
Holocaust globally. They have also been instrumental in spurring many
nations to apply practical steps to commemorate it, via both formal and
non-formal education systems. Research into teaching about the Holocaust
has gradually become an integral part of researching globalization’s impact
on education systems (Levy & & Sznaider, 2002) .
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