High-pressure studies on electronic transport properties of Te-substituted Bi2Se3-xTex topological insulators

T. R. Devidas, S. Abhirami, Shilpam Sharma, E. P. Amaladas, Awadhesh Mani

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Studies on the electrical transport properties of the 3D topological insulators Bi2Se3 under iso-electronic substitution of Te at Se sites and the application of external pressure have been performed to understand the evolution of its ground-state properties and to explore possible electronic phase transitions in Bi2Se3-xTex () systems. While the external pressure suppresses the metallic behaviour of Bi2Se3 arising from defect charge carriers leading ultimately to non-metal behaviour, the effect of pressure on Te-doped samples seems to be more striking, and causes multiple electronic phase transitions such as an insulator-to-metal transition (MIT) followed by pressure-induced superconducting transition at higher pressures. All the critical parameters such as critical pressure for the occurrence of MIT , superconductivity and maximum pressure induced superconducting transition temperature for given compositions are seen to exhibit maxima at which is the composition that exhibits the most insulating behaviour with least concentration of defect charge carriers among the samples of Bi2Se3-xTex () series. The superconducting transition temperature decreases with increasing pressure in samples, while it remains nearly constant for Bi2Te3. Based on the analysis of the experimental data it is surmised that the pressure-induced superconductivity seen in these systems is of conventional (BCS) type.

Original languageEnglish
Article number67001
Issue number6
StatePublished - Mar 2018
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