Fundamentals of the modern Muslim–Jewish Polemic

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Religious polemics between Jews and Muslims was a common event in medieval times and revolved around The Bible, its authenticity, and the credibility of its divine message. One of the noticeable characteristics of today's polemic is the absence of one of the debating parties from the debate–the Jews. The book, (Formula presented.) aqā'iq Qur'āniyya (Formula presented.) awla al-Qa (Formula presented.) iyya al-Filas (Formula presented.) iniyya (Qur'ānic Facts Regarding the Palestinian Issue) is a leading example of this. Written by the Islamist author, (Formula presented.) alā (Formula presented.) al-Khālidī, it is very popular in the Islamic world and it offers a unique interpretation of several Qur'ānic verses in order to prove that the Qur'ān predicts the total annihilation of the Jewish state by Muslim warriors, driven by genuine Islamic faith, who will fight the Jews in the name of Islam. Al-Khalidi's interpretation of these verses has an extremely remote connection to the interpretation of classical scholars, such as Al-Tabari (d. 923), and medieval scholars, such as Ibn Taymiyya (d. 1328). His exegesis can be considered even more extreme than that of Al-Sayyid Qu (Formula presented.) b, the leading writer and ideologue of the contemporary fundamentalist movement in Egypt, who was executed in 1966.

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JournalIsrael Affairs
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StatePublished - Jan 2006


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