Follow-ups across discourse domains: A cross-cultural exploration of their forms and functions

Anita Fetzer (Editor), E. Weizman (Editor), Elisabeth Reber (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportBookpeer-review


The edited volume documents the proceedings of the ESF workshop "Follow-ups across discourse domains: a cross-cultural exploration of their forms and functions". It examines the forms and functions of the dialogue act of a follow-up, viz. accepting or challenging a prior communicative act, in political discourse across spoken and written dialogic genres. Specifically, it considers (1) the discourse domains of political interviews, editorials, op-eds and discussion forums, (2) their sequential organization as regards the status of initial (or 1st order) follow-up, a follow-up of a prior follow-up (2nd order follow-up), or nth-order follow-up, and (3) their discursive realization as regards degrees of indirectness and responsiveness which are conceptualized as a continuum along the lines of degrees of explicitness and degrees of responsiveness. The chapters come from the fields of linguistics, discourse analysis, socio-pragmatics, communication, political science and psychology, examining the heterogeneous field of political discourse and its manifestation in diverse discourse genres with respect to evasiveness, indirectness and redundancy in mediated political discourse, professional discourse, discourse identity and doing politics, to name but the most prominent questions.
Original languageAmerican English
Place of PublicationWürzburg
PublisherUniversität Würzburg
Number of pages276
StatePublished - 2012

Bibliographical note

Proceedings of an ESF strategic workshop, Wuerzburg, 30.5-2.6 2012.
Place of conference:Germany


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