Findings of the Second WMT Shared Task on Sign Language Translation (WMT-SLT23)

Mathias Müller, Malihe Alikhani, Eleftherios Avramidis, Richard Bowden, Annelies Braffort, Necati Cihan Camgöz, Sarah Ebling, Cristina España-Bonet, Anne Göhring, Roman Grundkiewicz, Mert Inan, Zifan Jiang, Oscar Koller, Amit Moryossef, Annette Rios, Dimitar Shterionov, Sandra Sidler-Miserez, Katja Tissi, Davy Van Landuyt

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This paper presents the results of the Second WMT Shared Task on Sign Language Translation (WMT-SLT23). This shared task is concerned with automatic translation between signed and spoken2 languages. The task is unusual in the sense that it requires processing visual information (such as video frames or human pose estimation) beyond the well-known paradigm of text-to-text machine translation (MT). The task offers four tracks involving the following languages: Swiss German Sign Language (DSGS), French Sign Language of Switzerland (LSF-CH), Italian Sign Language of Switzerland (LIS-CH), German, French and Italian. Four teams (including one working on a baseline submission) participated in this second edition of the task, all submitting to the DSGS-to-German track. Besides a system ranking and system papers describing state-of-the-art techniques, this shared task makes the following scientific contributions: novel corpora and reproducible baseline systems. Finally, the task also resulted in publicly available sets of system outputs and more human evaluation scores for sign language translation.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the 8th Conference on Machine Translation, WMT 2023
PublisherAssociation for Computational Linguistics
Number of pages27
ISBN (Electronic)9798891760417
StatePublished - 2023
Event8th Conference on Machine Translation, WMT 2023 - Singapore, Singapore
Duration: 6 Dec 20237 Dec 2023

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NameConference on Machine Translation - Proceedings
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Conference8th Conference on Machine Translation, WMT 2023

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