Fabrication and Applications of Magnetic Polymer Composites for Soft Robotics

Sayan Ganguly, Shlomo Margel

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The emergence of magnetic polymer composites has had a transformative impact on the field of soft robotics. This overview will examine the various methods by which innovative materials can be synthesized and utilized. The advancement of soft robotic systems has been significantly enhanced by the utilization of magnetic polymer composites, which amalgamate the pliability of polymers with the reactivity of magnetic materials. This study extensively examines the production methodologies involved in dispersing magnetic particles within polymer matrices and controlling their spatial distribution. The objective is to gain insights into the strategies required to attain the desired mechanical and magnetic properties. Additionally, this study delves into the potential applications of these composites in the field of soft robotics, encompassing various devices such as soft actuators, grippers, and wearable gadgets. The study emphasizes the transformative capabilities of magnetic polymer composites, which offer a novel framework for the advancement of biocompatible, versatile soft robotic systems that utilize magnetic actuation.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2173
Issue number12
StatePublished - 29 Nov 2023

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  • grippers
  • magnetic polymer composites
  • soft actuators
  • soft robotics
  • wearable gadgets


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