Excavations at Kiriath-jearim, 2019: Preliminary Report

Israel Finkelstein, Thomas Römer, Christophe Nicolle, Zachary C. Dunseth, Assaf Kleiman, Juliette Mas, Naomi Porat, Naama Walzer

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In this article we report the results of the second season of excavations at Kiriath-jearim (Deir el-ʿAzar). The following topics are emphasized: layout and date of the supposed monumental Iron IIB summit compound; nature of the Iron IIC settlement; date of the Hellenistic fortification; characteristics of the Early Roman period activity. An archaeo-historical analysis follows the presentation of the new data, including updates on past interpretations.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)47-72
Number of pages26
JournalTel Aviv
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2021
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The Shmunis Family Excavations at Kiriath-jearim is a joint project of Tel Aviv University and the Collège de France, funded by Sana and Vlad Shmunis (USA). Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University and Thomas Römer and Christophe Nicolle of the Collège de France direct the project. Staff of the second season consisted of Margaret Cohen (coordinator of the expedition), Sabine Kleiman and Joelle Cohen-Finkelstein (registration and administration), Assaf Kleiman, Zachary C. Dunseth, Naama Walzer and Juliette Mas (supervisors of Areas A, B and C respectively), and Yana Kirilov, Hadar Azrad and Eythan Levy (field archaeologists). About 50 students from Israel, France, Switzerland and other countries participated in the dig. Members of the expedition were lodged in the hostel of the local Ark of the Covenant convent; we are grateful to the nuns and staff of the convent for their congeniality.

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Collège de France
Sana and Vlad Shmunis
Tel Aviv University


    • Ark Narrative
    • Deir el-ʿAzar
    • Jeroboam II
    • Kiriath-jearim
    • Northern Kingdom
    • Ptolemaic period
    • Roman Legion
    • Seleucid period


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