Egypt and the struggle for power in Sudan: From world War II to Nasserism

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For decades, the doctrine of the 'Unity of the Nile Valley' united Egyptians of a variety of political and nationalist backgrounds. Many Egyptians regarded Sudan as an integral part of their homeland, and therefore battled to rid the entire Nile Valley of British imperialism and unite its inhabitants under the Egyptian crown. Here, Rami Ginat provides a vital and important revised account of the history of Egypt's colonialist struggle and their efforts to prove categorically that the Nile Valley constituted a single territorial unit. These were clustered around several dominant theoretical layers: history, geography, economy, culture and ethnography. This book, for both Middle Eastern and African historians, uses a mixture of Arabic and English sources to critically examine the central stages in the historical development of Egypt's doctrine, concentrating on the defining decade (1943-1953) that first witnessed both the pinnacle of the doctrine's struggle and the subsequent shattering of a consensual nationalist dream. The first study to comprehensively investigate Egypt's struggle to unite the Nile Valley under its rule, attracting interest from students and scholars in both Middle Eastern and African history. Uniquely examines Egyptian methods and assertions to prove categorically that the Sudan in its entirety was an integral part of Egypt, making a useful read for those studying colonialism, imperialism and third worldism. Presents a variety of socio-political perspectives on the issue of unity in the Nile Valley, for those studying nationalism, political Islam, communism, radical ideologies, social movements, federalism and emigration.

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