Effect of a slit-shaped trap on depletion kinetics within a microchannel

Sung Hyun Park, Hailin Peng, Raoul Kopelman, Panos Argyrakis, Haim Taitelbaum

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The diffusion-limited trapping reaction kinetics of the growth of the depletion zone within and around a "slit-shaped" trap in a flat microchannel was studied experimentally and numerically. In the experiment, an ellipse-shaped laser beam acted as a slit trap in a long, flat capillary, and the trapping reaction is photobleaching of fluorescein dye. The parameter studied was the θ distance, i.e., the distance from the trap to the point where the reactant concentration has been locally depleted to the specific survival fraction [θ] of its initial bulk value. When the trap is perfect, then, due to the geometry of the trap and the reactor, as many as three time regimes can be found, with up to two crossover transitions. The number of crossovers is determined by the relative sizes of the trap and the microreactor. In the case of two crossovers, we show that the first crossover relates to the length of the trap, while the second crossover relates to the width of the reactor. When the slit trap is imperfect and its width cannot be neglected, as is the case in the experiments, a nontrivial early behavior is observed, followed by two regions in time, separated by a single crossover only.

Original languageEnglish
Article number041104
JournalPhysical Review E
Issue number4
StatePublished - 2006


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