Discrete-Time Quantum Walk on Multilayer Networks

Mahesh N. Jayakody, Priodyuti Pradhan, Dana Ben Porath, Eliahu Cohen

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A Multilayer network is a potent platform that paves the way for the study of the interactions among entities in various networks with multiple types of relationships. This study explores the dynamics of discrete-time quantum walks on a multilayer network. We derive a recurrence formula for the coefficients of the wave function of a quantum walker on an undirected graph with a finite number of nodes. By extending this formula to include extra layers, we develop a simulation model to describe the time evolution of the quantum walker on a multilayer network. The time-averaged probability and the return probability of the quantum walker are studied with Fourier, and Grover walks on multilayer networks. Furthermore, we analyze the impact of decoherence on quantum transport, shedding light on how environmental interactions may impact the behavior of quantum walkers on multilayer network structures.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1610
Issue number12
StatePublished - 30 Nov 2023

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M. N. Jayakody acknowledges the President Scholarship Program at Bar-Ilan University. P. Pradhan acknowledges the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) grant TAR/2022/000657, Govt. of India. This research was funded in part by the Israeli Innovation Authority under Project No. 73795, by the Pazy Foundation, by the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology, and by the Quantum Science and Technology Program of the Israeli Council of Higher Education.

FundersFunder number
Quantum Science and Technology Program of the Israeli Council of Higher Education
Science and Engineering Research BoardTAR/2022/000657
Ministry of science and technology, Israel
PAZY Foundation
Israel Innovation Authority73795


    • decoherence
    • discrete-time quantum walks
    • multilayer network


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